Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paul Ryan - Liar

The GOP Playbook:

1) Shore up the wealthy vote with tax cuts and programs to benefit the ultra-wealthy.

1A) Throw out as many false statements as you can to see if any of them are popular with your idiot "base"  (i.e., the people who vote against their own best interest).

2) If ANY of the lies tests well, just keep repeating it/them.

3) If someone brings up the fact that you are lying repeatedly and that the facts just don't support what you claim, then:

a) Say the lie again;
b) Say, "No.  It is true."
c) Attack the source - "Sure I lied, but are you gonna listen to...."
d) Say you cannot believe how biased the media is against you

4) If all of the #3 stuff fails, go with, "Well, the other side lies all of the time, too!"  (Do not state any specific lies that they engage in, just say there are so many that you cannot POSSIBLY list them all).

I remember discussing Bill Clinton with my right-wing brother-in-law.  He HATED Clinton because Clinton, "Lies all of the time." It was rather apparent to me that the GOP hated Clinton so much because he did exactly what they did, yet he was better at it.  This, by the by, is why the liberal wing of the Dems hated Clinton so much - he played to win and win at all costs.  As a campaigner, he was basically a Republican.

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