Monday, August 13, 2012


If you KNEW at the beginning of the year that he would only throw 160-180 innings, and not one inning more, then why did you not figure out how to create a routine where he could make it through the whole season?

OK, Strasburg will only go 160-180, so assume he gets 6 a start, then we can use him for 30 starts.

He will pitch every 6 days starting May 1.  By October 5, he would have 26 starts, probably around 152 innings.  He then can pitch some in the playoffs....or if we do not make it, then he doesn't pitch.


K said...

Kind f like the White SOx have done with Chris Sale? :)

HM said...

It is crazy. You can go your whole career and never picth in an important playoff game. So you will make the playoffs

Imagine the 1986 Celtics saying to Bill Walton, "well, we had you down for 800 minutes, and you used them all up in game 60. Sorry, Bill, but you can sit on the bench during the playoffs."