Monday, August 06, 2012

The Moral of the Story - Always Buy Cocaine From the Guy Outside the Low-End Strip Club

If the guy had $1,000 on him, why in the world would he be at Dream Girls?  I guess maybe they are open the latest?  Maybe you spend the $5 on the cab?

The crook should at least maintain one consistent story.


K said...

Guess I am trying to understand your comment. Is going to Dreamgirls with $1,000 like going to the Taco Bell drive thru with $100?

RKG said...

That ratio may be more favoarable for Taco Bell. Just sayin'.

HM said...

In Minneapolis, we have a couple places that pretend to sort of be "above it all" (Seville, Rick's) one place that is basically a "we have a ton of naked chicks that are pretty hot" place (whatever Schieck's is called now), the under-21 emphasizing Deja Vu, and then a bunch of places that if you end up there after midnight you really ought to start rethinking your life. Dream Girls is one of those. Could you spend $1,000 at Taco Bell? Sure. Could you drive to south Minneapolis and spend $1,000 on, like, 40 blowjobs from 40 skanky chicks? Sure. It is POSSIBLE, but after about $100 you should be so disgusted with yourself and what you are doing that you should stop. 1,000 at Dream Girls!?!?

"You are going to a Bobcats/Hornets game in April? Here is $2,000 for you to scalp your ticket..."

K said...

Let's just say I am staying out of both Dreamgirls amd Taco Bell.