Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Electoral map Looks Bleak For Romney

The bigger problem Romney has is that he is hugely unpopular in Ohio (due to his anti-union stance and his "let GM go bankrupt" stance) so he is staring awfully hard at a 265 EV board that is "solidly Obama."

So he can still lose New Hampshire and force a tie in the Electoral College at 269-269.  I don't know the House vote by state (each state delegation in the House gets one vote in the event of a tie), but I assume the GOP probably controls more states.

But..............Mitt needs to win Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina, Florida, and Virginia to win the election.  ANY loss in any of those states means an Obama victory.

So Romney needs to find some way to reverse Ohio.  If he cannot, I just don't see him winning both Nevada and Virginia. 


Joshua said...

GOP 26
Dem 11
Too Close 13

GOP already has the majority in the House delegates.

HM said...

Thanks. I figured a tie was a loss. I think that the current House votes, not the newly elected one, so even a big Dem pickup in the House won't help.