Monday, September 24, 2012

Rasmussen Poll Has Obama Up 12% in PA - Right Wingers Blame.....State of PA

The commentary is so frightening.  It is like I went into a bar and asked 100 women whether I was hot and they wanted to bang me instead of, say, Tony Siragusa.  When the results came back 51 Tony, 39 HMs and 11 undecided, would I take a look at myself in the mirror and say, "Geez, I am losing to Siragusa.  I guess I gotta do something in the next 45 days to turn that around"?  I would.

But you are dealing with GOP voters - people who know 100% that they are always right and that anyone who disagrees with them is an idiot/delusional.  So what would they do in my situation?  Say "Fuck you, you ugly broads" to the whole 100, continue to do exactly what I had been doing with my appearance, and write the bar off as a bunch of blind women who don't know a good thing when they can get it.

Sad, but not unexpected.

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