Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romney - 47% of Americans Are Lazy Assholes Suckling At the Government Teat


And when called upon to defend his remarks............HE DID!?!?!?  So, roughly half of America has been completely written off by Mitt Romney.  This includes the roughly 1/2 of the 47% who are elderly Americans living on a fixed social security income - fucking irresponsible bastards!

The comment I found even more interesting was Romney's statement that he wishes his dad had been Mexican so that he could get more Latino votes.  "I really wish that I had not been born rich and white so those brown-skinned folks could pull the lever for me."

Romney says he wants the whole tape released.  That means he probably knows there is something FAR worse on there that he just wants to get out of the way before October.  Maybe, "We have to tell that 47% that there lot in life is due to black people."  Something like that?

By the by - since 23% of the scumbags Romney describes are old white people, and probably 10% are poor white southerners, it would seem to me that the 47% he refers to may actually be consistent GOP voters!!

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