Monday, September 10, 2012

Romney Rep' Cannot Explain Tax Exemptions That Will Be Removed


As Bill Clinton stated at the Dem' Convention (as best I can recall) - "He is going to reduce rates on the wealthy and then remove deductions.  Which deductions?  Well, what I gather so far is his answer is, 'We aren't gonna tell you.'"

This is a campaign being run on the theme of, "Don't vote for my opponent.  He is the devil."  Romney offers virtually NO policy guidance except for some pretty serious hints at a return to GW Bush. 

Analogy time:  Look, I despise Kobe Bryant about as much as any current athlete.  But if you come to me and say, "I think Chase Budinger is a better player than Kobe," I will expect you to at least provide SOME justification for your position that discusses how good Budinger is, not simply a statement that Kobe COULD have played better over the past couple years. 

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