Monday, September 24, 2012

Syracuse Fans Unhappy With Big 10 Network Announcers

While I know that Big Ten Network announcers are terrible, I think the comments complaining about "ignoring all of our great plays/drives" is pretty funny.  Guys, your team scored 10 points (7 in garbage time) against the Gophers.  There were not a lot of great plays/drives to "ignore." 

Because the game was at night, at least these BTN announcers did not mention a guy losing a punt in the sun "which is bad, as you can see given the big shadow in front of him on the ground."  That actually happened a couple years back (Andre Ware on the call).

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K said...

"Minnesota has hospital people." Referrign to the Mayo Clinc? Treated my dad great years ago, so that one is okay with me.