Friday, September 21, 2012

Who Would Be So Stupid As to Send Paul ryan to the AARP?

hey, Ryan did his best to spout his usual half truths, which were not met with much approval (OK, any approval) by the crowd of seniors, but Who TF decided to send Paul Ryan to the AARP?

Do we send Barack Obama to KKK rallies?  Do we send Obama to rural Georgia and put up a "white voters only" sign at the ticket window?

Why in the world would you send Paul Ryan to talk to seniors?  To remind them that he wants to end their medicare and give them a voucher to hopefully find their own medical insurance?

This says more about the idiocy of the Romney Campaign than it does about misguided policy initiatives.

I liked Ryan's exchange:

{says something}
"I knew there would be a mixed reaction."

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Al Swearengen said...

Ryan's handlers should have had Ryan wave in the air his printed "Path to Prosperity" (ala Moses with the Ten Commandments). Or, maybe his handlers should have him holding the "Path to Prosperity" in one hand and "Atlas Shrugged" in the other. Yep, both, I say. Would make a great SNL bit, at the very least.