Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Woman Not Paid For Sex In car Pulls a Gun

I invite you to go to the panel at the bottom of the article and examine the weird sex stories and determine which is the oddest.  i am going to go with the German guy who had to call police to force the woman to stop having sex with him.

By the way, I just love the fact that the term "prostitution" is never mentioned in the underlying story.  Some guy meets two girls in a bar, takes one home and has sex with her (while the other, I guess, stands guard) and then, out of "kindness" pays her $120.  He then meets the OTHER girl at the gas station who (apparently overwhelmed by his hunkiness) sucks him off while he is driving a car.  She, for SOME reason thinks she should be paid.  When not paid she pulls out a gun.  No prostitution there either, I guess.  Just hurt feelings.


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K said...

The "Pam story" is pretty funny.