Friday, October 12, 2012

Kobe - "I Hate Smush Parker"


Look, Kobe, that SMUSH team made the playoffs.  How about the team the year before where you went sub-.500 and failed to make the playoffs?

Kobe without Shaq or Phil - barely above .500 overall.  1 playoff series win, 2 playoff series losses.

LeBron James played with Boobie Gibson, and Donyell Marshall and Sasha Pavlovic all seeing valuable time.  He played with OOOOOLD Shaq!

LeBron's career playoff series record while playing under Paul Silas and Mike Brown?  8-5.  In Miami playing under Spoelstra (not exactly Phil Jackson)?  7-1.

So should we feel sorry for Kobe that he had two rough years playing with sub-par guys and couldn't play with Shaq or Lamar Odom or Pau Gasol every year?  No we should not.

Now the Lakers have 3 first-ballot HOF players with Kobe (Nash, Gasol, Dwight Howard).  I certainly hope he doesn't feel the need in 2019 to recall how all of these guys sucked and he couldn't do anything more than he did to help the team win.

Since Kobe has been in the league (1995-96) there have only been 7 guys who have had even one season where they shot the ball 23 or more times a game (Kobe, AI, LeBron, Jordan, McGrady, Stackhouse, Webber).  There have been only 2 guys who have done that 3 times over that period (Kobe, AI), 

Kobe doesn't shoot the ball a lot because he had Smush Parker on the team - Kobe shoots the ball alot because he is Kobe.

Of the seasons where guys were jacking shamlessly, Kobe's 2011-12 season ranks FOURTH TO WORST for Win Shares created per 48 minutes, behind only AI's three such seasons.  That is right, Jerry Stackhouse's 2000-01 season was BETTER than Kobe was last year.

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