Monday, October 22, 2012

Romney's 5 Point Plan - A Basketball Analogy

So, the "Plan" exists.  You can also click on a version that is said to be more complete.  Don't bother; it isn't (about 45% is dedicated to how bad Barack Obama is).

Let's look at the Plan:

So, we need better schools and teachers - but Romney gives speeches endorsing Wisconsin's firing of teachers and reduction of their pay and benefits.  He is gonna slash non-defense spending down to 20% of GDP.  But.......increase education funding??  Make college more affordable?

We are going to crack down on China and try to trade more with Latin America - OK, I am not an economist, but I would think this is like saying that Eric Spoelstra should crack down hard on LeBron James and try to find more minutes for Eddy Curry and Dexter Pittman.  You are going to piss off your most important cog and hope that you can get, say, 2 points more a game out of Curry and Pittman?  Is this really a bona fide plan?

He is gonna cut taxes for everyone and for small businesses (these are 2 of the "points").  (If you look at the expanded version, this is supposed to increase growth by maybe .5% per year - wow.)

And yet, he is going to reduce the deficit.  How?  Well, give a bunch of stuff to the states (so, in other words, end Medicaid) and then, well, cut taxes, and, do stuff to reduce the deficit like reducing programs and, well, we will get to that...

Oh, and how could I forget -- energy independence, by, for example, we get more oil by building a pipeline across the U.S. so that Canada can ship its oil more easily overseas (i.e., not to the U.S.).

This is the DUMBEST "Plan" I have ever seen a Presidential candidate roll out.  Several of the pieces are self-contradictory.  (a couple examples - make college more affordable and cut taxes across the board are incompatible with a 20% tax cut and a big small business tax cut).

Other parts of the "Plan" are simply so transparent that no one would honestly believe them - crack down on China is part of a huge economic plan???  Don't the biggest U.S. industries do so much business with China that they would never put up with this idea?  Romney's "Plan" is to get some international organization to protect us from big bad China - isn't that sort of a wussy liberal Dem' thing to do?  Dick Cheney would just bomb China.

Inspired by Romney, here is my 5 Point Plan to improve the NBA:

1) Cut the number of teams.  There are too many teams.  That is killing the league.

2) Increase the number of players and raise their salaries. There are not enough players in the NBA and they make too little.  Fans deserve more and better paid players.

3) Cut ticket prices across the board by 20%.  Fans are paying too much for tickets.  Make the effing greedy owners cut prices by 20%.  We will make up the difference by requiring ticket holders to buy at least one large Diet Coke when they enter the gym.

4) Tell high school and college programs to "Stop screwing with the NBA, you bastards."  Why allow them, for example, to have TV games at ALL!  All they care about is themselves.  I will ask the Sports Reporters on ESPN to brand college and high school teams as "player manipulators."

5) Drill for oil next to every NBA arena.  My base of large oil company executives has assured me that this will help the NBA.


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