Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Romney Strategy - Just Lie

And, as the debate shows, it is effective!  You tell 60MM viewers that you will protect them from pre-existing condition discrimination, then later say when no one is listening, "Well, not really."  Then you move on to taxes ("I have no plan to cut taxes..."  But of course I do).

His 47% timeline:

1) Fucking 47% - I hate those fucking moochers.
2) You bet your ass I said it, and I believe it 100%
3) OK, I don't really believe that
4) That was wrong to say.

But then to actually say you have no plans to restrict abortions -


I am, frankly, amazed by the chutzpah of Romney.  He will LITERALLY say anything to be elected President.  If he thought he could get 10 more votes by saying he was not a Mormon, he would say it.

No wonder John McCain hated the guy so badly that he picked Palin - it must be unbelievably awful to run against a guy who simply lies all of the time on his basic policy positions.  He makes Bill Clinton's obfuscation on close issues seem really minor by comparison.

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