Monday, October 22, 2012

Samantha Steele - Banging Christian Ponder

Now, you may ask why a hot chick like Samantha Steele is banging a very medicore QB like Ponder, well, based upon here tweets, she appears to be a southerner who doesn't know that "junior high" or "jr. high" is acceptable, while "JR High," well, just explains why you are so hot yet banging the mediocre Ponder.

Are you Pondering what Samantha Steele is Pondering?  "I think so, Brain, but after Ponder is done, can you still call it a 'tight end'?"

Samantha Steele

S/O to all the grown men critiquing my wardrobe/relationship choices. If it werent for y'all, I might've forgotten how awesome JR High was;)

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K said...

Maybe she went to JR Ewing High School?