Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Water - Wet; Clouds - In Sky; Mitt Romney - Liar

I just cannot even impress upon you how little I am surprised by this matter.  This is a guy who lies on television in front of 60 million people, or more, about his basic stances on the most key issues of the campaign.  This is a guy whose tax returns are apparently so littered with bad stuff that he cannot produce them.

So he lied to screw his friend's wife out of a few million bucks in a divorce?  BFD.  He will say, "When I testified I thought the shares were worth nothing.  Turns out 3 weeks later we got a big offer for them."

For those who support Romney, they have long ago forgiven his constant lying.  For Dems, who cares.  For undecided voters - they are unaware of what an election is, who is running and where to vote, so I don't think they will look into this a whole lot.

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