Friday, November 09, 2012

Mike Brown - Fired

Well, at least firing a guy 5 games into a season with no real viable replacement doesn't indicate absolute panic.

Oh wait, yes it does.

I guess it worked for McCain in the 2008 primaries, so why not ride that same MittMentum.

"23 Stand" apparently not a viable offensive plan in L.A., unlike Brown's successful years with a young LeBron in Cleveland.

(By the way, what LeBron has proved under Eric Spoelstra is that even a very medicore NBA coach can reach the finals every year and win a title if he plays LeBron 43 minutes a night in the playoffs.  Paul Silas, a terrible coach, was almost .500 with a young LeBron, playing him simply inhumane minutes in regular season games.  Brown did reach the finals with LeBron, so he meets the 'almost Eric Spoelstra quality" standard - without LeBron, that gets him fired after 5 games.)

Current NBA leader in PER - LeBron James, 31.2


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