Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mitt Romney - Got His Ass Kicked Pretty bad

So he will lose by over 3% of the vote, about 4,000,000 votes, and he will probably end up rounded down to 47% of the vote - proving Mitt's belief that, indeed, 47% of people are hopeless and will vote for any idiot who promises them stuff.

Of all of the swing states, once all of the votes are counted I predict that Romney will have stayed closer than 4 points in........ only 3 - North Carolina (where he won); Florida (loss by 1%) and Ohio (which will be 2-3%, depending upon whether their Secretary of State buries votes or counts them).

So in 6 of the 9 "close" states, Romney got beat pretty bad.   Had he won Florida and Ohio, he would have reduced Obama's 332 electoral votes by 44, and........still lost 288-250.

The next closest state is Virginia where Romney will end up -4%, but even Virginia switching gives him only a 272-263 loss.  The next closest state will probably be PA, where Obama spent virtually no time or money, so good luck with that one.

It was a bad loss.

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