Thursday, November 08, 2012

Now, We Are Almost Back to Only Important Post-Election Stuff

But first I have to add this - I have a Facebook friend who posted as her status that "I am devastated, as is 49% of the country [Editor's Note - closer to 48%] so I would ask that everyone be nice to me including around the holidays.  You may have won, but there is no need to be mean."

Ok - kinda whiny, but people can be cruel.....

But then she adds at the end:

"I want to believe in our leader, but it would be nice if he did something worthwhile that actually helped someone - how about reducing gas prices!"

So, summary - "Shut up, but let me keep bashing Obama.  I will start right now."

I am really, really sorry that having a black President bothers you so much.  But he does not control the gas prices. 

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