Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Romney - Damn Minorities and Young People Got Too Many Gifts From Obama,0,5622330.story

Sigh......I know it is hard for Mitt to comprehend that a politician might promise certain relief to his core constituents (tax breaks, ending Medicare, cutting Medicaid, privatizing social security, ending union benefits, cutting teachers and first responders, defunding PBS and Planned Parenthood,  signing "pledges" on any variety of measures). 

The problem, Mitt, is that your message of hate, mixed with the promise of 20% tax cuts to the wealthy, couldn't put together a coalition of 50% of the vote.  People have finally figured out that they really do not want to see Brad Pitt, Donald Trump, Wes Johnson and Jose Reyes get a huge tax cut while their child goes without healthcare coverage. 

It will be nice to see Mitt fall below 47.5% of the popular vote when all votes are counted.  Then he can understand that HIS 47% is inferior to the 47% he despises so much.

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