Friday, November 09, 2012

Texas Representative Hints at Secession

I have grown so fucking tired of the South.  Let me put it straight to you, southerners.  I wish you could secede.  I really do.   You can't.  But boy I wish you could. 

I would welcome not being associated with the racist rednecks in the South and their constant receipt of handouts from the government they so despise.  You know what?  Let's just make a deal with every Romney voting state located south of a line extending from the southern border of Virginia:  you want out?  You are out.  Just pay your pro rata portion of the national debt, give us one year notice so we can get our shit out of your place (military bases, federal employees, people who will be enslaved under your rule, etc.) and we will be gone. 

Then you can be as racist as you want; hell, return to slavery, I really do not care.  Have old fashioned gun fighting contests ala "The Quick and the Dead" every day.  Make it illegal for women to work.  Fine, whatever. 

I just really cannot take any more hand wringing and whining from these people.  Yes, a black guy was in charge of you for 8 years.  Oh no!  That is reason enough to secede from the union.

It would be interesting to see if A) they could raise the money; and B) during that one year period they would retain any minorities.  I would guess "no" and "yes."  A lot of people cannot fathom how harsh the South would be but for federal laws, so many African-Americans would become "N-Southerners" (that would be the official government-required term, except stated more fully).   After one year they would try to get away, but that would not be an option. 

My prediction:

1) Public education would get a LOT better for whites, as there would be a white school and a black school.  The white school would be very well funded, the black school........would be a school.

2)  Christianity would become the mandatory religion and all laws would be based upon The Bible.

3) Women would be discouraged to work, except young women would be strongly encouraged to work as strippers. 

4)  The South would seek a lot of foreign aid from the rest of the United States, and we would probably provide it because it would be less than they are getting now....and we are stupid.


Anonymous said...

You liberals would quickly starve without Southern taxation, food and energy. You'd run out of money to fund your welfare queens, who would then turn on you, steal, rob and then beat you senseless (what little sense you actually currently have). After the fires burn themselves out and your rotted corpses are nothing but bleached bones, it would be an easy march north to reclaim and reconstitute the Republic.

Yeah, great idea. I'm all for it!

HM said...

Southern taxation? The South takes WAY more than it gives. Virtually every one of the top 10 states in taking more than it gives is in the South.

The "easy march north" would hopefully end exactly exactly where it did in April of 1865.

Anonymous said...


Enough said?