Monday, November 12, 2012

Waffle House CEO - Um, Likes His Assistant to "Assist"

Per published reports:

Within months of her hiring, the woman said [Waffle House CEO] Rogers "on numerous occasions (tried) to force himself upon (her), attempted to have her perform oral sex on him (and) attempted to have sex with (her)," according to the police report.

She refused, but in 2003 and subsequent years, "Rogers required (his assistant) as a condition of her employment to masturbate him," the report said.

The police describe other allegations of sexually inappropriate acts as well, including Rogers making the woman buy pornography, frequently appearing naked in front of her, and touching her body and breasts.

The accuser "was forced to endure the harassment and demeaning treatment by Rogers because she was a single mother and needed her job to support herself and her son," according to police.
Well, at least syrup was not involved. 
So, summary of a typical day for this woman over a 9 year period: 
- show up to work at the CEO's house.
-- CEO comes out naked
-- "Hey, blow me!"
No thanks.
-- "OK, well, here is $10, go out to the gas station and buy me a copy of "Juggs" and come back here and you can jerk me off while I read it."
What happened to last week's "Swank"?
-- "All the good pages are stuck together."
Man, just another boring work day....


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