Monday, December 03, 2012

QBR -- Grading On a Curve (Like College)

Generally they tell you to find the Standard Deviation and then grade off that.  Remember, you want a bunch of C's, a bunch of B's and D's, and almost no A's or F's.

34 guys rated.  While the "average" rating is supposed to be 50, the median of these 34 guys is actually 54.25 (indicating that the QBR system is flawed in that more guys are above average in their performance than below average - the scale is a little too easy on guys).

In any event, if you take a standard deviation of 13.223 and apply a grading scale suggested for college professors on-line, you get:

A plus - none

A - PManning and Brady

A minus - none

B plus = Ryan, RG3, Ben, Luck

B - Smith, Rodgers, Eli, Schaub, Wilson, Brees, Romo

B minus - Stafford, Freeman, Dalton, Cutler

C+ - none

C - Flacco, Bradford, Tanneyhill, Newton, Locker, Hasselbeck, Vick, Fitzpatrick, Palmer

C minus - Ponder, Gabbert, Rivers, Kolb

D plus - Cassel

D - Sanchez and Weeden

F - Skelton

So your grade breakdown is: 

Great - 2
Very good - 4
Well above average - 7
Slightly above average - 4

Average - 9
Slightly below average - 5
Very poor - 2
Awful - 1

Teams with above average QBs who are below .500 - Washington, Detroit

Teams with below average QBs who are .500 or better - Minnesota

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