Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Robert Bork - Dead at 85

It used to be that people who were qualified for office, but who were a little "out there" in their positions, were confirmed by the Senate nevertheless.

Then came Robert Bork.  He was defeated soundly.

The position eventually went to Anthony Kennedy, who, while now more conservative than former "swing" vote Sandra Day O'Connor, is far less conservative than Bork.  So - a win for the Dems who turned aside Bork.


EZRider said...

Salia was named when Bork went down

EZRider said...


HM said...

Bork was rejected as a justice by a Senate vote held on October 23, 1987 --

Scalia was approved by the Seante by a 98-0 vote in September of 1986, 13 months earlier:

It went Bork (rejected), Ginsburg (withdrew as a former stoner) then Kennedy.