Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The 16 Most Productive Players of My Son's 17 Years on Earth

Happy birthday, Playstation Maven.

Your 16 most productive players since the 1995-96 season, based upon Total Win Shares.

16.  Elton Brand - injuries have greatly reduced his upside, but he has toiled a long time and very effectively.  102.6 Win Shares

15.  Rasheed Wallace - another guy who will probably miss out on the Hall of Fame, but whose effectiveness has lasted a long time.  105 Win Shares.

14.  Vince Carter - if I told you that Vince Carter barely had more Win Shares than Rasheed Wallace, you would probably shake your head and say, "what a waste of talent."  But of course you would, the words "Vince Carter" were mentioned.  106.5 Win Shares

13.  Pau Gasol - One of the younger guys on the list.  His Win Share totals and two titles basically insure a HOF induction.  107.6 Win Shares.

12.  Gary Payton - 109.4 - shows what an awesome player Payton was, since he retired 7 years ago and yet is 10 seasons in PM's life netted over 10 Win Shares a year.

11.  Shawn Marion - it will be interesting to see whether Shawn Marion makes the Hall of Fame.  In my opinion he has never been a top 15 player, but he has 114.4 Win Shares and is still going.

10.  Chauncey Billups - former Wolf, we didn't need him.  119.9 Win Shares.

9.  Steve Nash - a first ballot HOF player with 2 MVPs - 125.3 Win Shares, and I would imagine they are all Offensive WS

8.  Jason Kidd - 131.7 Win Shares.  His career starts before my son's boirth and continues today - impressive.

7.  Paul Pierce - 132.7 Win Shares - it would be a worthwhile effort to poll people and ask who is better, Pierce or Kidd. 

6.  Ray Allen - 137.4 - Jesus Shuttlesworth is an amazing player.

5.  Shaq - 140.3 - here is a guy who began playing 3 years before my son was born and who was done years ago.  Despite missing a number of the 17 years at issue, he is still #5.

4.  Kobe - arg.  What makes me most unhappy about this is that with Dirk's injury and Kobe's sudden resurgence as a scoring leader, he has almost caught up to Dirk.  166.3 Win Shares.

3.  Dirk Nowitski - 168.9 - what the numbers tell you is that Dirk has for a long, long time has been a great player and a very winning player.

2.  Tim Duncan - 179.1 Win Shares, Timmy has been the second greatest regular season player of my son's life, and probably tossing in playoff Win Shares he is #1.

1.  Kevin Garnett - Duncan is having a great year, so old KG better beware, by next year he may slip to #2 on my son's list, but for now he is at 183.5, 4.4 ahead of Duncan. 

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