Friday, January 25, 2013

2013 NBA All-Stars

Article contains suggested snubs.

Now, to the guys who DID make it - who are truly the all-stars and who really didn't deserve it?

Now, we can thank goodness that we have the Player Season Finder on to do this really easily.

Most Win Shares - Durant, LeBron, Chris Paul

Fewest Win Shares - Holiday, Rondo, Irving/Garnett (tie)

Best PER - LeBron, Durant, Paul

Worst PER - Deng, Noah, Paul George (Deng barely reaches league average of 15 - LeBron is above 30 again, nearly doubling Deng)

Best Offensive Rating - Tyson Chandler, Paul, Durant

Worst Offensive rating - 4 way tie - Paul George, Garnett, Rondo, Holiday

Best defensive rating - Duncan, Paul George, Noah

Worst defensive rating -  Kobe, Kyrie Irving, Holiday

Difference between Offensive Rating and Defensive rating:

Worst - JaRue Holiday (-5), Kyrie (0), Rondo (0)

Best - Tyson Chandler +34, Chris Paul +25, Kevin Durant +23

Note the ENORMOUS drop off between Durant and Westbrook and between James and Wade.

The truest all-stars:  Durant, Paul, James, Tyson Chandler

The shakiest all-stars:  Holiday, Irving, Rondo, Garnett, Deng

It seems hard to imagine that many players have been sent to the all-star game by a coaches vote with a PER under 19, Win Shares under 3 and a NEGATIVE differential in offensive and defensive rating.  Well, why wonder?  Let's see:

Well, we learn that JaRue Holiday, while no great shakes, is certainly not historically awful.  He just doesn't belong there.

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