Friday, January 11, 2013

Austin Rivers and 8 Other NBA Players Who Play a Lot and Suck

Criteria - must have played 25 games and 625 total minutes.  Must have a PER under 10 (15 is league average) and accounted for 1 Win Share or less:

9th worst - Kendrick Perkins, Center, OKC
862 minutes, 8.3 PER, 1 win share.
So, he has logged roughly 18 full games (at 48 minutes per game) and accounted for one team win.

8th Worst - Daniel Gibson, Guard, Cleveland
630 minutes, 9.4 PER, 0.8 Win Shares
Was acceptable to play him when LeBron did everything on court for Cavs, but it is not acceptable now.

7th Worst - Udonis Haslem, Forward, Heat
627 Minutes, 7.9 PER, 0.7 Win Shares
He is providing roughly half of the production per minute of an average player.

6th Worst - Gerald Green, swing man, Indiana.
750 minutes, 7.7 PER, 0.5 Win Shares
See haslem

5th Worst - Jeff Taylor, swing man, Charlotte
773 minutes, 9.3 PER, 0.4 Win Shares
Hurt by his NEGATIVE defensive Wins shares.

4th Worst - Brendan Haywood, Center, Charlotte
691 minutes, 9.7 PER, 0.3 Win Shares
Defensive rating of 112 is terrible, as his 100 offensive rating

3rd Worst -- James Johnson, forward, Sacramento
649 minutes, 9.9 PER, NEGATIVE 0.3 Win Shares
Negative .8 offensive win shares.....that is hard to do. 

Second Worst - Michael Beasley, forward, Phoenix
730 Minutes, 9.8 PER, NEGATIVE 0.9 Win Shares
NEGATIVE 1.2 offensive Win Shares

(In the Suns' defense, they have started to play him far less)


Austin Rivers, guard, New Orleans

How bad has Austin Rivers been?  Well, he has logged 900 minutes, the most on the list.
He is shooting 33% form 2, 33% from 3 and 56% from the line.  He is 63 of 191 on 2 point attempts.

He gets to the line for only 2 attempts a game, making around 1.  He is averaging less than 1 steal+block a game (which is terrible).  He has an offensive rating of 85!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a defensive rating of 112. 

When you are talking -27 in Ortg v. Drtg, you are heading into Jonny Flynn territory.  In fact, Flynn and Rivers are the only two players ever to log 900 minutes and have an offensive rating of 85 or less and a defensive rating of 112 or worse.  (Flynn being slightly worse at 114).

And as I have said, Flynn's season was the 4th worst season of all-time.

Rivers, if he cannot improve some, has a chance to play more minutes than Flynn and actually be worse.  That is hard to imagine.  Being even negative 20 on offense versus defense over the course of 1,000 minutes has rarely been accomplished, so if Rivers can log, say, 2,000 minutes, he may be the guy who plays the most and contributes the least to any team, ever!!!

If you review Rivers' Game Log, you will see that he has had his minutes cut substantially (now seeing 12-19 a game) and his performance has declined (remarkably) from his already crappy level of play (he is 3 for 24 in his last 6 games - the Hornets have overcome his suckiness by winning 4 of the games).

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That's a bit unfair to Haslem. Should he be taking more shots?