Thursday, May 09, 2013

7 Best Playoff Performers Thus Far

We will use PER as our judge (but fear not, I got rid of low-end bench guys by requiring a certain number of Win Shares).

7.  Marc Gasol - 22 PER, up substantially from his 19.5 in the regular season

6.  Stephen Curry - 23.5, up from 21.3 in regular season

5. Ray Allen - 24.5 - WAY WAY up from his C minus grade of 14.7 in the regular season

4.  Tony Parker - 24.7, up from his 23 in regular season

3. LeBron James - 27.8, way down from his 31.6 in the regular season

2. Chris Paul - poor Chris Paul, 29.2 PER, also 5th in overall playoff Win Shares and 4th in WS/48.  His team loses round 1.    He was up over his regular season PER of 26.4

1.  Kevin Durant - 30.5, up from 28.3.  Will he suffer the same fate of losing to Memphis that Chris Paul did?   Durant #1 in overall Win Shares and #3 in WS/48.

Of the top 7, only James in playing below his regular season level of play.  That, one would think, would be a good sign for Miami (if he moves to his standard level, he will be better), but then you turn around and ask whether Ray Allen can possibly maintain an A+ playoff PER after a C minus regular season PER.

So far, on an individual basis, Durant owns the playoffs.  If he can get his team to the WC Finals and play at this rate, it will be an all-timer of an effort.

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