Thursday, May 02, 2013

Dude, You Are Killing Us! The 9 Worst NBA Playoff Performers of 2013.

Talk about sucky, you need a PER under 12 and a WS/48 of 0 or worse.  Here you go..

Let's rank them by their regular season performance (in other words, if you aren't that great of a player, we really should not have expected much in the playoffs either).


9.  Avery Bradley - sure he gives you nothing NOW, but he really never did.  He only had an 8.8 PER and a .012 WS/48 during the regular season.

8.  Devin Harris - slightly below average player - 14.6 PER and .111 WS48

7.  Corey Brewer - by working at a ridiculous effort level, Brewer has become.....still a below average regular season player (14.7, .093).  When the other guys try as hard, you would expect him to suck.


6 and 5 (tie).  Luol Deng (15.1, .105) and Brandon Jennings (16.1, .096)

4 and 3 (tie) Kevin Martin (16.1,  .157)
Jeff Teague (16.8, .111)

Deng used to be a better player - but ridiculous minutes over the years and age have made him an average player.  With that background, would you look for an improvement in the playoffs?  No, quite the opposite.

Jennings is a JR Rider type guy - he can lay some big numbers on you when he is motivated and you are not.  That will not be happening in the playoffs when you predict that you will beat the Heat.

Kevin Martin and Jeff Teague are slightly above average, but limited, players who have glaring weaknesses in their games.  Such things tend to get exploited in the playoffs.


2.   DeAndre Jordan - 17.2 PER and a .148 WS/48 in the regular season.  You'd expect that he could at least give you a 12 and a .072 or SOMETHING.   You would be wrong.  42% from the floor (mostly dunks and layups), 20% from the line.  Offensive rating 88, Defensive rating 109!!!!  0 Win Shares in 5 games.
Ouch.  I mean, go 10-10-4blocks or something.  Maybe 4 of 6 from the field?

1.  Paul Pierce - I know he hit some shots in Game 5, but overall, what a train wreck.  An offensive rating of 87.  Negative offensive wins shares.  Why?  Well, it is a combo of the 39% shooting and the 5.4 turnovers per game.    Can the Celts win in 7?  Well, how about The Truth ups his playoff level of play to just a career worst 16.1 PER??  If he could do THAT in two games, the Celts look pretty good.

In the history of the playoffs, guys who have played 5+ games in the playoffs during a season have only turned it over 5.4 times a game 3 times - Pierce, Dwight Howard, Charles Barkley.  Barkley and Howard both shot over 57%, so at least when they were able to get a shot they were effective.  Pierce. miraculously, shoots and misses 61% of the time and turns the ball over on 21.5 of every 100 Celtics possessions.  AND his Usage Rate is over 30!!

So, you have a guy with the ball all of the time who cannot make a shot and who is turning it over at a historically awful rate. 

Come on, Paul Pierce - I don't want to compare you with Cliff Robinson, but I will!


Al Swearengen said...

You can't knock Corey Brewer. After all, even people who don't know the first damn thing about basketball had grave questions about Brewer's chances of succeeding in this league.

RKG said...

C-Brew: good floor game.