Monday, May 20, 2013

Jason Kidd - The All-Time Worst 12 Game Playoff Stretch of All Time?

Certainly if you control somewhat for minutes played, Kidd's 247 minutes dominates suckmeisters like Manute Bol and DeShawn Stevenson (by the way, how is DS ALWAYS involved in "all-time worst efforts" and yet somehow hangs around?  Does he have under age sex pics of someone ELSE!?!?).

Mark Madsen had a playoffs where he shot 1 for 13, but he only played 48 minutes.  Erick Dampier in 2009-10 shot 0% in 118 minutes.

It just doesn't happen often that a guy shoots 12% in the playoffs and gets to play in 12 games.  In fact, it has happened twice - Madsen and Kidd.

If you are looking for a guy who shot 25% or worse in the playoffs over 240+ minutes, it is just Kidd and Lindsey Hunter in 2000-01 (he doubled Kidd's shooting percentage).

Time to hang it up and focus on anger managment, Jason.

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