Thursday, May 30, 2013

Joe Mauer - One of the Greatest #1 Picks of All-time

When you allow yourself to be frustrated by Mauer's salary, slumps, lack of power or his unbelievable fragility, you tend to forget that he is something that a local Minnesota sports team actually got RIGHT in the draft!

By the end of the year, Mauer will be the 4th best #1 overall pick in the history of MLB (per this guy) and if you toss out horrid steroid user A-Roid, then Mauer would be #3.

The list again exemplifies how hard it is to be an all-time great player.  Look at the young guys on the list - Josh Hamilton is WAY behind Mauer in career WAR.  Strasburg has a huge name - single digit WAR.

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K said...

Compliments to Mauer, but this list just shows that there have been some disappointments among #1 picks.