Monday, May 06, 2013

MVP Balloting - Some Interesting Votes

PlayerFirst placeSecond placeThird placeFourth placeFifth placeTOTAL
LeBron James12010001,207
Kevin Durant0932123765
Carmelo Anthony116512717475
Chris Paul02273923289
Kobe Bryant04122327184
Tony Parker02781386
Tim Duncan021121065
James Harden00071233
Russell Westbrook000169
Dwyane Wade001005
Stephen Curry000033
Kevin Garnett000011
David Lee000011
Ty Lawson000011
Marc Gasol000011
Joakim Noah000011

OK - some bizarre voting choices:
1) 2 guys left Durant off their ballot altogether.  He had one of the top 15 statistical seasons of all time and over 18 Win Shares.  Not even a 5th place vote?  Did you do your ballot by phone off the top of your head?
"Uh.....James, Kobe, Melo, Paul, and, uhhhh, Tony Parker?
2) Gary Washburn voted for Melo.  You had James putting up a top 5 all-time statistical season on the team with the #1 overall record and........."Well, I think Melo was more valuable to his team."  Yes, because if you replaced James' 30 PER with, say, Mike Miller, I think the Heat probably wins almost 66 know, like.....41.  That is close to 66, right?
3) Wade got a 3rd place vote - really???  Based upon Win Shares, he had his 6th best year of his career.  Based upon per minute Win Shares?  7th best.  The only way you can vote for Wade is if you believe he should own 4 or 5 MVPs by now...
4) Best player in LA?  Chris Paul -- ouchtown, population YOU, Kobe!!  Query this - All-NBA team?  LeBron, Durant, Duncan, Chris Paul.  But is it Westbrook, Parker, Harden?  Who takes that last spot?

As always, the 5th place votes are just a little confusing - are the writers splitting the contract incentive with the player?  Garnett?!?!  David Lee?  Ty Lawson?  Stop me when you hear the name of a guy who would even be seriously considered  as a top TEN player in the league......


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