Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Necessary Bankruptness - Sinbad Files for Bankruptcy Again


Oh David Adkins....  The saddest thing is that THE K sent me the bankruptcy schedules.  No house, 3 fairly mediocre cars, a Lincoln Navigator that he will be surrendering.  And that pesky $11,000,000 in unpaid taxes.

He lists his residuals at "under $300" a year!  "First Kid" just not rolling in the bucks.  Where is his teammate from "Necessary Roughness" Kathy Ireland with a few bucks?  She is worth like $150M.  Remember how Andre's tough defense allowed you to kick that game tying field goal in that 3-3 game played in a downpour?  Where would your career be without that, Kathy?!?!?

Sure, Scott Bakula, you dragged the guy out onto the field when you needed a D lineman on a shitty team, but when he owes the IRS $11M you Quantum Leap away as fast as possible!

Jason Bateman - I have just about given up on you as well.

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K said...

Maybe if Straight Arrow Gennero let the team take money and benefits from the alumni, Andre would not be in this position!!