Friday, May 17, 2013

Phil Jackson - Michael Jordan WAY Better Than Kobe Bryant

Even a cursory look at the statistics of the two men would tell you that.  It hardly takes a subjective Phil Jackson comment to tell you that:

 Jordan was a much, much better defender than Kobe -  Kobe 2.0 steals plus blocks, 105 defensive rating; Jordan 3.1 steals plus blocks, 103 defensive rating

Jordan was less of a ball hog and shot the ball better than Kobe - Kobe's career FG% is 45.4%.  Jordan as a Bull in a year where he didn't play baseball never shot as poorly as 45.4%. 

Jordan was a better teammate and a non-rapist -- well....yeah.  I do not recall any of Jordan's teammates rapping after winning a title w/o Michael and asking "How's my ass taste?" as Shaq did in Miami.

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