Friday, May 03, 2013

South Carolina Goes Back to Nullification

Welcome back to 1828!  South Carolina declares federal law nullified.  John C. Calhoun must be so proud....except he died over 150 years ago, so maybe not.

The comments to the article are far, far scarier than the actual vote.  Nothing really has changed since 1520 in the South.  Hey, Rand Paul, you want to repeal the Civil Rights Act of 1964?  You don't think that South Carolina within one week would go back to blatant discrimination against blacks?  Look at these comments.  Look at the margin by which this blatantly unconstitutional bill was sent through.

Some notes for the South:

1) Read the Supremacy Clause to the Constitution; it basically says that the feds can tell you what to do and that a state declaring federal laws null and void is, well, not only silly, but unconstitutional (you know, the Constitution you so revere);

2) We fought a war over slavery, which you now say was really over "states rights" (I guess the right of states to have slaves); you lost.  You got your asses kicked.  You were the 2012 Thunder, the North was the 2012 Heat.  Lincoln made you his bitch, so his party got to set the rules, which it did through the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments.   Read those Amendments and ask yourselves how "sovereign" your states are - not very fucking sovereign, so suck it.

3)  The comment that the Supreme Court cannot declare a law unconstitutional would be intellectually interesting, except for the added comment that no statute has ever been passed allowing judicial review.  Um, if the rule of judicial review for federal laws is not in the Constitution, then what sort of statute could be passed to allow it?

Your position is that the federal courts cannot decide the constitutionality of federal laws, but..........the states can!?!?  See point 1.

In short - you lost this battle  almost 150 years ago.  You may want to update your legal strategies.  I am sorry that you can no longer enslave black people.  Sorry that didn't work out.  I am sorry that you have to eat in the same restaurant and sleep in the same hotel as black people - I know you don't want to.  And I am really sorry that the rest of the country elected a half-black guy who wants people to have health care coverage.  I know that it chaps your ass to have a black skinned guy tell you what to do.  If it makes you feel any better, imagine it is his lower middle class white mom who is telling you what to do from the grave.  Maybe then you can sleep at night.  And when you dream at night, imagine that Rand Paul may become President and repeal the Civil Rights Act.  Maybe that can get you through despite your knowledge of the fact that a black skinned guy, bolstered by black voters, runs a great deal of your life and can fuck with you in an infinite variety of ways. 

So, yeah.....


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