Thursday, May 16, 2013

Top 7 Playoff Performers (Minimum 9 games) - May 16 Update

Let's call it like it is.  These have been very poor playoffs for the offense.  In the regular season there were 24 players who had a PER over 20 and a WS/48 of at least .150.

In the playoffs thus far, of guys who have played 9 games or more (i.e., their teams are winning some games), there are only 7 guys who qualify.

This is NOT what you would expect.  Generally the playoffs, particularly the first round, are a time for stars to shine and overwhelm outmatched opponents.  Not so this year.

What speaks even more to the physical defensive style of play is that of the top 7 playoff performers on a Win Shares Per 48 basis only Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol are contributing MORE in the playoffs than they did in the regular season on a per minute basis.

Anyway - without further ado:

PER Leaders - James, Durant, Parker, Curry, Gasol, Zach Randolph, Mike Conley

Win Shares Leaders - James and Durant (tie), Gasol, Curry, Randolph, Conley, Parker

WS/48 Leaders - James, Durant, Gasol, Parker, Curry, Randolph, Conley

Scoring 7 points for a win or tie for first in a category, down to 1 point for a 7th place finish:

James - 21 points
Durant - 19 points
Gasol - 13
Curry - 11
Parker - 10
Randolph - 7
Conley - 4

How good are James and Durant?  Both guys are having significantly worse performances in the playoffs than they had in the regular season.  But both guys are, by far, the best overall statistical  players in the playoffs. 

How great have Curry and Parker been?  Pretty great, right?  Well:

Curry -- PER 21.3, WS 1.7, WS48 .179
Parker - 25.4, 1.4, .205

they in no way come close to

Durant (who Twitter now says sucks and cannot play) - 26.4, 2.2, .213
James (who is playing at about 85% of his regular season play) -- 27.3, 2.2, .299

Durant is now gone.  If the Pacers take out the Heat, the playoffs will have Tony Parker and a bunch of guys struggling to stay above 20 in PER.

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