Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Why Are the Spurs Rolling? Easy Answer - Their Best Guys Are All Playing Well and Playing a Lot

If you look at guys who have played 350+ minutes in the playoffs and contributed at all, you will find this list

Where will you find the Spurs on said list if you search by Win Shares per 48?

Ginobili 12th best, Duncan 11th, Danny Green 10th, Tony Parker 4th, Kawhi Leonard 3rd best.

That is a team playing awfully well.  5 guys in the top 12 playoff performers, and all are playing over 350 minutes.

In 2010-11, the Mavericks had the 3-6-7-15-18 ranked players and ended up winning the title over the Heat.

In 2010-11 the Heat were 2-4-13-16-20.  The Heat this year have 1-6-17-18 and no other qualifier based upon minutes played. 

For you Pacers fans.  Well, it seems hard to imagine that the Pacers can make the finals or win the finals at the level of play they are exhibiting.

If you look at their 5 guys playing over 300 minutes and compare them to other guys with 300 playoff minutes, Hibbert is 5th best overall in the playoffs.  After that?  16th, 22nd, 24th, 33rd. 

So how are the Pacers winning?  They play good defense, and they rarely play their bench.  Their starters are 1st and 5th-8th in total minutes played.  2-3-4 are Grizzlies, and we know they are done, so it is possible that by the end of this round that the Pacers will have the 5 highest minutes players in the entire playoffs.  (Lance Stephenson needs to play 84 minutes to pass Marc Gasol.  Lance averages 35 minutes a game, so if the Pacers lose in 6 they will almost certainly have the top 5).

LeBron has played 488 minutes for Miami - 100 more than any other Heat.  And by the way - Bosh's production per 48 is 6th best in the playoffs for 350+ minutes, Wade is 17th.  Wade has not played well at all.  James has played OK for him.  It is the guys like Haslem, Birdman and Ray Allen who have surprised to the upside.

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