Monday, May 20, 2013

Worst NBA Players By PER and Win Shares - Sorted By Minutes Played In Their Career

Over 100 minutes less than 4000 minutes:

- Cezary Trybanski had -0.5 Win Shares in his career
but he had a better PER than Will Conroy's negative 3.1

4,100 to 13,999 minutes logged:

-- this is a category owned by two men:  Woody Sauldsberry and Greg Kite.  Both men logged over 10,000 minutes.  Kite's 6.5 PER is awful, and the worst.  But Sauldsberry is historically dreadful - negative 7.9 Win Shares.

14,000 to 17,999 minutes: 
Jason Collins may be gay, but whatever good qualities that gives him are obscured by a historically terrible 7.1 PER

Jack McMahon comes in at 6.2 Win Shares, which is bad, but it makes Sauldsberry's negative 7.9 all the more amazing.

18,000 to 25,999 minutes:

Bruce Bowen was a great defender; not very productive on offense.  PER of 8.2
Howard Komives logged a lot of minutes, did not produce many wins, only 5.0 Win Shares

By the way, this is where DeShawn Stevenson's 9.9 PER and 12.1 Win Shares places him amongst the all-time worst for this minutes played level.  He is historically awful, just not the worst.

Above 26,000 minutes, going by increments of 4,000 minutes, you get:

Caldwell Jones and Guy Rodgers
Sam Lacey and Derek Fisher
Juwan Howard and Charles Oakley

Once you get above 46,000 minutes, there really aren't any guys who suck.  Cliff Robinson had a PER under 15.  So despite playing ungodly career minutes, his final PER was below league average.

Two of the worst players on the career minutes list were Hall of Famers Elvin Hayes and John Havlicek, whose career PER numbers are both under 18.  Hayes registered only 120.8 career Win Shares.  Chauncey Billups, Walt Bellamy and Adrian Dantley - each has more Win Shares than Elvin.

And if you want to have a little fun - over 54,000 minutes there are only 2 guys - Kareem and Karl Malone.  Karl had fewer Win Shares and a worse PER.  So he is the worst in that category of minutes.

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