Thursday, June 27, 2013

And Urban Meyer and Bill Belichick Were All Too Glad to Have the Guy On Their Teams.....


How about the guy who now sues for being shot in the face after an argument in a strip club?  Some advice - NEVER communicate in any manner in a strip club with some male whom you do not know.  NEVER.  This would rank right up there in life lessons with "Never text someone under the age of 18 who is not a family member."  And (as the Duke Lacrosse guys and Secret Service guys learned the hard way) "always pay your strippers/hookers." Just avoid strip club interactions with males.  If you are sitting and surfing the Internet on your phone while sipping a Diet Coke and some guy you do not know walks up to you in a strip club and say, "I hate your face; get the fuck out of here" you stand up and walk out the nearest door, never looking back.  You get in your car and drive away as quickly as possible. 

This does not excuse Hernandez's behavior in shooting the guy in the face, but getting into a strip club altercation?  Similar to jumping into a swimming pool filled with sharks and not jumping out when you see them swimming toward you.

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