Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Defense of Marriage Act - Bigoted, Good Bye.

The remarkable hypocrisy of Scalia and Alito screaming, "Let the people decide" after striking down the Voting Rights Act YESTERDAY is almost too much to bear.

Look - there has been one thing that Scalia has been right about all along:  once the court found 7-2 many years ago that states cannot bar homosexuals from sodomizing one another, it was inevitable that gay marriage would become the law of the land.  Once you decide that states have no right to express their moral outrage against "Adam and Steve" then anything a state does to target Adam and Steve and make their lives worse because they are homosexuals is inherently suspect.  If concepts of morality and religion and history are not sufficient reasons to bar two guys from doing each other in the back door, then they will not be sufficient reasons to keep those same two people from enjoying the legal benefits that come from marriage.

But the ridiculous cry of "Let the people decide" rings more than a little hollow after the Solicitor General's office at oral argument in the Voting Rights Act case reminded Scalia that Congress had reauthorized the Act almost unanimously less than 10 years ago and he replied, basically, "So what?  Who could vote against something entitled The Voting Rights Act?"

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