Monday, June 03, 2013

Dwyane Wade - Where Art Thou?

In playoff win shares, Wade is current at 1.1 - a little better than Jarrett Jack (not on a per minute basis though) and a little worse than Jimmy Butler.  He is WAY less productive per minute than Mario Chalmers.

I know Wade's knee hurts, but does that preclude you from hitting the rim from 12 feet unguarded?  I mean, guys with knee replacements can go out and hit the rim on an unguarded 12 footer.

What is most remarkable is the minimal level of play that is even expected out of Wade by the Heat or the media.  He is making $16M, was on the all-star team, and was even named 3rd team all-NBA (in a great year for guards - James Harden was his 3rd team teammate).

Against the Pacers, Wade has been flat out terrible.  His last 3 games?  11 of 34.

In the Pacers series, Wade has a high "Game Score" of 17.9.  LeBron's WORST "Game Score" has been 16.6.  So, Wade's best game has been roughly equivalent to James's worst game.  Awesome.

What is even more astounding is that James ruined his public reputation and fled Cleveland in the worst possible manner to go to Miami so he can play with other stars and "get some help."  What level of help has he received?

Well, the 2006-07 Cavs team that was swept by the Spurs in the finals featured guys playing at almost the same playoff level of production as the current Heat!

James is playing better than he was in 2006-07 - 27.9 PER versus 23.9, .269 WS/48 versus .200

The rest of the Heat versus the rest of the Cavs is a virtual push.  The numbers are so close that it is really hard to distinguish between the teams.

Here are some non-LeBron PER ## - 18-17-15.6-14.9  (Cavs)
17-17-16.1-14.5 (Heat)

WS/48 - .211-.173-.152-.137-.101 (Cavs)
.357-.171-.146-.139-.122 (Heat)

Chris Anderson is the .357 player.  He has played 215 total playoff minutes.

Maybe it is just LeBron?  Maybe he just sucks the talent out of his teammates and they grow to quickly suck.  Who knows?  But it is safe to say that Dwyane Wade is not playing like he is worth $16M a year or like he is anything like the 15th best player in the league.  He is playing SLIGHTLY better overall in the playoffs than Lance Stephenson. 

James after Game 5 said there was nothing wrong with Wade's knee, which was obviously a lie.  But if Wade can run, unless the aliens from Space Jam have stolen all of Wade's talent, he should simply be embarrassed at the work he has put in thus far in the playoffs.

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