Friday, June 07, 2013

Game 1 Summary - Spurs Simply Too Good

The Spurs turned the ball over 4 times, hit a good percentage of their open shots, and packed the lane against LeBron, limiting him to 18 points. 

Ultimately, the issue for Spoelstra to decide is this - should he have LeBron take it through the triple and quadruple teams and try to draw fouls, or should he hope Chris Bosh can make a wide open wing three.  It is a tough call.

The Heat defensively needs to understand that Tony Parker is basically Kobe Bryant - his first option is always score.  You cannot allow Parker on a fast break to be isolated on Norris Cole while you hug the three point shooters.  If Parker enters the lane with the ball, 9 times out of 10 he is going to shoot.

To force turnovers, the Heat will need to pick up more full court and try to trap the ball aggressively more often.

The Spurs are playing like a team possessed the past month.  80% from the line as a team, 40% from 3, never turn the ball over.  If a team does all of those things, you are going to have to play incredibly efficient basketball to beat them.

Spoelstra's decision to rest James and wade for the first 3 minutes of the 4th can be justfied by saying "when LeBron got back in, they were still up 3."  But the Spurs were resting Duncan in that stretch.  The one huge advantage that the Heat has is that James can play 44-45 minutes while Duncan and Parker really cannot.  Why not try to push up your lead by 4-6 points during that stretch when Duncan and Parker are resting?  

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