Monday, June 10, 2013

Game 2 Summary - Sometimes the Heat Just Plays Well

As a big LeBron supporter, I have watched a LOT of Miami Heat basketball.  The Heat are often lazy, sloppy, tend to get bored and really do not like to grind it out and get physical.  Their general approach is that they wish you would let them take it easy, do some cool dunks and shit and bury some threes once they get up 10.

But there are some days when they play well.  On those days they are smothering defensively, hit just a ridiculous number of threes and just overwhelm you athletically with their speed. 

That was last night.  It was 67-65 Heat, then all of a sudden it was 91-67. 

Games 1 and 2 are exactly why it is so difficult to predict this series.  Game 1 - Spurs showed why they are so methodical and frighteningly efficient.  4 turnovers in an NBA Finals road game?  Ridiculously good.

Game 2 - when the Heat actually plays to 100% of potential, no one in the NBA can keep within 10 of them.  (This was also the case in Cleveland for LeBron - remember, Cleveland in 2008-09 went 66-16 and outscored opponents by 9 points a game.  That is even more than any Wade/Bosh/LeBron team has outscored opponents).

What goes on in Games 3-5 in San Antonio?  Well, my initial prediction was the Heat would go 2-1 and come back home and win Game 6.  I guess I will stick with that.  Could I see a Spurs sweep?  Yes.  Heat sweep?  Sure.  Anything in between?  Sure.

Impossible series to judge.  But fun.

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