Monday, June 17, 2013

Game 5 - Every Good Spur Shoots the Lights Out, Ginobili Returns from the Dead

Well, my prediction of Heat in 6 is proven wrong.  The shooting percentages for the various Spurs last night were simply frightening if you are Spoelstra.

Ginobili - left for dead and discarded into the Tiago Splitter category - came back with a MONSTER 24 point and 10 assist performance.

How rare is a 24-10 playoff game by a 35 year old guy?  Since 1986, there have been 6 such games:  3 by John Stockton, two by Steve Nash and Ginobili's game last night.  So, two of the greatest point guards in the game, and Ginobili.

Are the Heat now left for dead?  Will returning to Miami bail them out?  All I know is that I am wrong so there is no need for me to be guessing anymore.



RKG said...

First time being wrong has stopped you from guessing again! Has SEK taught you nothing???

HM said...

If we use SEK as a guideline, I would need to say Spurs in 4 right now.