Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Game 6 - Spurs Surge Late, Fall Apart Slightly Later, Heat Luck Into Game 7

With about 95 second left last night, the Heat were up 3.  There was a loose ball that LeBron tried to dive on; it squirted away.  Danny Green picked it up at half court, narrowly avoided an over-and-back violation, got trapped, and called timeout.

I got up, went to the bathroom, took some medicine, and returned downstairs to watch the game.  I was gone about 2 minutes of actual real world time.  Spurs were up 2.  WTF!?!?!  I had missed Tony Parker (a poor three point shooter who could not make a shot all night) hitting a three; Mario Chalmers turning it over, and Parker hitting another shot in the lane.  Again, WTF?

Then James fell apart, turning the ball over as if he were Manu Ginobili's black cousin, and all looked lost.  Spurs were shooting 2, up 4, with under 30 seconds to play.  Miami fans were streaming out the exits.  More would have left, but there was such a mass exodus that the aisles were completely packed.  The NBA staff was taping off areas and rolling out the Lawrence O'Brien trophy.

Then Ginobili missed 1 of 2.  LeBron hit a 3 to make it Heat down 2 with 20 to play.  Then Kawhi Leonard missed one of two.  Ray Allen hits a 3 to tie the game.  Then LeBron just completely shuts down Parker, forcing him into a terrible fallaway airball.

Heat win in OT. 


1) Allen - hit the huge 3, had 4 points in OT,  stripped the ball from the running back, er Ginobili late.

2) James - while he had some struggles starting at 3 minutes when the Heat brought back Wade (boy was that a bad decision), he had a 32-11-10 game and singlehandedly led the team back from down 13 to take that three point lead I mentioned at the start of this item.

3) Bosh - While he was completely embarrassed by Duncan in the first half (the guy is 100, he went 25-11 in a half against Bosh); he found his pride somewhere and managed to hold Duncan to 5 the rest of the way.  He had the key offensive rebound, blocked Parker and blocked Danny Green to end it.


1) Ginobili - 8 turnovers, failed to rotate in and box out Bosh, missed a key free throw.  His "Game Score" for Game 6?  0.6.  10 is OK, 15 is good, 20 is really good, LeBron and Duncan each had 25+ last night. 

But, frankly, Ginobili has been wrteched in all but Game 5.  His Game Scores:
negative 0.3

Remember how horrid LeBron was in Game 3?  He scored like a 4.  That would have been an average game for Ginobili this series.

2) Danny Green - played so poorly that when Bosh basically attacked him at the end of the game the refs looked the other way, assuming Green was deserving of no help - he would have missed anyway.
Game Score?  0.3

3) The Bench - boy that bench blows.

I lost a buck last night betting that the Spurs would close out Game 6.  So now we go to Game 7.  Magic Johnson says the Spurs cannot mentally recover.  I don't get his point there.  They are 4 time champs.  They are not going to be mentally beaten.  You need to overwhelm them with talent (as OKC did last year and as Miami has done in a couple games in this series).  They will not go away. 

Parker, but for his 5 point stretch, was simply snuffed by James defensively.  Pop will work that out.  Ginobili was simply awful.  Green was simply awful.  Neal did nothing.  And they STILL should have won the game.  I don't think you can take a lot of solace from Game 6 if you are the Heat.  James went 32-11-10 and you eked out a victory, basically by luck.

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