Friday, June 21, 2013

Game 7 Recap - Heat Wins, LeBron Moves Closer to Becoming All-Time Greatest

Don't take my word for it; I am just parroting what I heard from Magic Johnson last night. 

As I said in an earlier item, I now move LeBron up to 8th place on the all-time greatest list.  Jordan, Kareem, Wilt, Mikan, Magic, Duncan, Russell, then LeBron.

I don't see a good argument for putting LeBron's career achievements above MJ, KAJ, Magic or Duncan.  I could see someone saying LeBron has the same number of titles as Wilt so....and someone saying that LeBron plays both ends of the floor, unlike Russell, and Mikan played a million years ago....but we will leave LeBron at #8 here so he has something to shoot for.

LeBron's Game Score last night was 32.5 (historically great).  He rolled up 0.5 Win Shares last night, to finish at 5.2 Win Shares for the playoffs.  He has three of the 5 most productive playoff seasons ever (Duncan #1; Dirk #3, LeBron ##2, 4, 5):

On a career playoff performance basis, only 6 guys have more career playoff Win Shares than LeBron (Jordan, Kareem, Duncan, Magic, Wilt, Shaq).  With a decent playoff run next year (3.2 win shares), James will move ahead of Shaq, Wilt and Magic on this list.  From this list of 7, on a per-minute basis, James' playoff productivity trails only Jordan.  In playoff PER, he trails only Jordan.

James has two titles, four league MVPs, and two finals MVPs.  I saw on Twitter a picture of his titles and MVPs lined up next to MJ and Duncan - they were using an old picture that did not have this year's trphies on it - what is this?  A GOP junk email?

If that analysis is what you want to go with:

Russell - 11+4+? (there was no finals MVP when he played)
Jordan - 6+5+6 = 17
Kareem 6+6+2 = 14
Magic - 5+3+2 = 10
Duncan - 5+2+2 = 9
Wilt - 2+4=2 = 8
LeBron 2+4+2 = 8

Mikan won 5 titles, but it appears that there was no MVP award given for either regular season or finals.

Will LeBron ever reach 17?  Doubtful.  Could he get to 11?  Sure.  That is realistic.  Once you get to 11, you can argue that you are better than Russell overall and that Kareem got almost all of his titles with Magic (and vice versa).  You end up second best overall, behind only Jordan.

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