Monday, June 10, 2013

Has Tim Duncan Had a Better Career Than Kobe? Stats Say Yes

Duncan has led the Spurs to 4 NBA Finals.  I think you would have to say that Parker led them to this 5th finals.  Duncan's career playoff stats are better than Kobe's.  Duncan has two regular season MVPs, Kobe has 1. 

When Duncan came into the league, David Robinson was on the downside of his career.  When Kobe joined the Lakers, they had Shaq.  Then they got Phil Jackson.  Duncan in his prime never suffered an embarrassing finals beatdown like Kobe did against the Pistons or against the Celtics.  When Duncan has reached the finals, he has always won.  The Spurs' backcourt a lot of the 1999 title season was Avery Johnson and Mario Elie.  When Kobe had Smush Parker as a backcourt mate, he did not win any titles.  In the last two games of the 2003 Finals, Tony Parker was often replaced by Speedy Claxton, who was playing WAY better than Parker.  (You read that correctly).

By contrast, one of Kobe's two titles as the main guy he went 6 for 24 in game 7 against the Celtics.  He turned the ball over 4 times and had 2 assists.  For that mighty effort, he was named finals MVP.

Tim Duncan has a better career PER.  He has a better career playoff PER.  He has more career Win Shares.  He has more career playoff Win Shares.  If you compare his Offensive Rating versus Defensive Rating, Duncan is +15 in regular season and +11 in playoffs.  Kobe is +7 and +4.  The great all-time playoff performers are almost all +10 or better.  Duncan - yes; Kobe, no.

Statistically, it is a mismatch. 

The thing that Kobe supporters cling to is he is a better scorer (true) and that he has 5 titles to Duncan's 4.  Well, Kobe basically was a Pippen in titles 1-2-3; Shaq was finals MVP in all three titles, Kobe was "little brother" riding the big fella's coat tails.  If you say - "led team to title" Duncan has 3 maybe 4 and Kobe has 1, maybe 2. 

Sorry, Kobe fans.  Duncan has just been a better overall player than your guy.



Zach Harper said...

Kobe haters or people who constantly try to disprove his greatness never do it without bias. First, kobe did not ride shaqs coattails. The first championship you can have he wasn't developed yet. But the next two? Please. Kobe averaged 29,7,6 during the playoffs and completely dominated the spurs in the wcf. Oh and look, Duncan's only rings came when kobe was on a bad team except for 03. Kobe spanked Duncan in 01, and 08. Duncan couldn't lead the spurs to victory. Oh and if you look at stats or read, kobe even says that he always dominates the west, during the playoffs then let shaq have his in the finals when he played against Rick smits and garbage players. Kobe guarded Reggie miller, MVP iverson, and a prime j Kidd and shut them down, while scoring 25+ a game. Then in 03 when shaq got hurt kobe had 9 straight 40+ games and lead the lakers to the playoffs. Kobe did something no one has since Jordan, average 35 ppg in a season oh and if its because he just shot a lot then how come no one has done it in over 2 decades. Plenty of guys put up Duncan's numbers. But no one has gotten close to some of the things kobe has done except for Jordan an wilt. Kobe out scores an ENTIRE team. He could have had 80 against that Dallas team. Who also had over 60 wins that year. Oh and I'm assuming by your logic that James worthy is better than magic Johnson since he did win a finals MVP. Please, you are so biased. Oh and about that game 7 in 2010 finals, literally like every person on both teams shot horrible. That defense was awesome. Oh and kobe grabbed 16 boards to help seal the deal. Just like when he had 48-16 against the kings to sweep them. Either right in biased or don't write at all. Oh and Tim is in my top 11 all time. When guys like mark Jackson and others who played against Jordan say that kobe will go down top 5 ever, it means your good.

HM said...

Duncan is, statistically, the better player. That is true in the playoffs and in the regular season. The fact that Kobe has had some good games at times or says that he allowed Shaq to dominate the Finals while Kobe, I guess, played only defense, doesn't really do much to prove your point.

Duncan never was able to ride Shaq's coat tails, he had to do it himself. Duncan was never embarrassed by the Celtics or the Pistons in the finals as Kobe clearly was.

We have "advanced stats" as a means to compare players of different sizes and players across different eras. You put the numbers in the computer and they spit out PER and ORtg and Drtg and WS without any bias. The computer has no idea who these guys are. All of the advanced stats favor Duncan.

If your position is that all of the advanced statistics are meaningless because you have seen Kobe play and like him better, then I think you need to reconsider who is personally "biased" on this issue.