Monday, June 03, 2013

Jason Kidd - Quitter

He FINALLY retires after embarrassing himself in the playoffs (5 PER, 65 offensive rating) and recognizing that he can no longer help a team to a title run.

Kidd logged over 50,000 minutes of NBA time, good for 3rd all-time behind second-place Karl Malone and Kareem.

His glory years were 1998-2007, including 2001-02 where he finished second to Tim Duncan in the MVP balloting.

Kidd is #2 all-time in total assists, but trails John Stockton in that category by almost 4,000.

Of all players in the history of the game, only Magic Johnson and Kidd have both a career assist percentage above 35% and a career total rebound percentage at or above 10%.  No one else even approaches these numbers.  (Chris Paul, who is a great, great player is at 7% - Rajon Rondo and Russell Westbrook are at 8%).

As a great rebounder, assist man and great defender (good on the ball, great away from the ball), Kidd had only one weakness to his game - he wasn't a good shooter.
Kidd's career FG% of 40% is awful, as is his career true shooting percentage of .507.  (By comparison - Ricky Rubio, a historically terrible shooter, has 36% and 48% figures).  In the three-point era, for guys who were at least 6 time all-stars, Kidd has the worst TS%.  Jermaine O'Neal is better.

Despite playing the 3rd most minutes in NBA history, Kidd ranks #71 on the all-time NBA scoring list.

That said, 5 times 1st team all-NBA, 1 second team.  One NBA title.  Two other trips to the finals.

Great player.  Total career salary -- $187 million.

Now, as a domestic abuser, he rivals Chris Brown.  But I think for today we can just sweep that under thr rug and say "great career, Jason."  But you are still a Quitter.

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