Tuesday, June 18, 2013

LeBron to Go Over 900 Playoff Minutes for 3rd Straight Year -- First Guy Ever to Do So


When James reaches 34 minutes tonight (which, barring injury or awful foul trouble, he will almost certainly do), he will go over 900 minutes for the 2013 playoffs.  He was also over 900 minutes in 2011 and 2012.

LeBron, Kobe, Hakeem, and Richard Hamilton are the only 4 players to ever go back-to-back seasons with over 900 playoff minutes. 

No one in the history of the game has ever logged 900 minutes three straight playoff years (Kobe had 863 in 2008, before doing 900+ in 2009-10).

LeBron this year has logged 41.2 MPG in the playoffs.
Tony Parker leads the Spurs with 36.1 MPG (1 minute more total than Kawhi Leonard).

So if you ever start wondering why LeBron looks tired - he probably is tired.

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