Thursday, June 20, 2013

NBA Finals "Game Scores"

Above 30 is historically great.  Above 25 is great.  20 is very good.  15 is good.  10 is the bottom rung of average.  9 or lower really sucks

Take the 6 NBA Finals game scores for each major guy (as reported on and divide by 6.

Bosh - 14.41
Leonard - 14.05

Duncan - 15
Wade 14.95

Parker 12
Green 12

James 20.87
Ginobili 5.98

Taking the median (rather than the average) of each guy, the numbers are roughly the same for James, Parker, Bosh, Green and Leonard (Wade goes down to 13, Duncan goes up to almost 16 and  Ginobili drops to an almost unimaginable 3).

So, analyzing only the Finals and using only this stat, you would go with James or Duncan as MVP.  I still prefer the Kawhi Leonard shhhhhhhhh.....

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