Friday, June 28, 2013

Shabazz Muhammed - Yikes

Poor finisher in the post; poor finisher on the break; 78th out of 81 rated players in assists; one of the worst wing players when it came to steals (and, I will add, Blocks).  Terrible off the dribble going to the hole or pulling up.

He is not only a poor defender, he shows no effort on that end, particularly when things are not going well offensively. 

He is a 40% shooter on jumpers off the catch.  That is his one skill.  If you let him sit out on the perimeter and someone can get him the ball, he is good at making wide open shots.

He is an OK rebounder.

So - best case?  Michael Redd?

Worst Case - name any college scorer who sucks - Jimmer Fredette?

The #6 pick in the draft netted Jrue Holiday.  #7 - Ben McLeMore.  #9 - Shabazz Muhammed and cash (I think Giorgi Dieng would have been available at #26, so I give no credit for that move up).


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